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Plastic Shopping Bag Printing

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Plastic Shopping bags are essential for the convenience of grocery shoppers. This material is lightweight and durable, making it a convenient way to transport groceries and store them at home. In addition to serving as a convenient shopping bag, plastic shopping bags can be used to display items in malls and other retail outlets, as well as to carry groceries home. In addition, these bags are also good for recycling. But what makes these bags the best option for consumers?

The first plastic shopping bag was created after polyethylene was introduced in the 1930s. In 1948, Swedish chemist Sten Gustaf Thulin patented a one-piece plastic shopping bag with a built-in handle. This design was later adapted into most modern versions. In the 1980s, plastic shopping bags became commercially available and were widely used. They replaced paper bags that were commonly used to transport purchased goods. Today, 450 to 1,000 billion plastic bags are produced worldwide each year. In 2009, the United States alone used about 100 billion.

The use of plastic bags has increased exponentially over the past few decades. Today, plastic bags are used by nearly every consumer, and their usage has increased to one trillion bags each year. Many environmental activists point to this as a clear indication of the widespread impact they have on our environment. Increasing numbers of plastic bags in the oceans and landfills are one of the major causes of global warming. By reducing the use of plastic shopping bags, consumers can do their part to protect the environment and their health.

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