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Lunch Box Paper - Fast Food Boxes With Reusable Carrying Handles

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When purchasing fast food, look for the quality of the packaging. Fast food boxes should be made from high-quality materials and printed with hygienic inks, which are not likely to contaminate the food in transit. The box should also be sealed tightly, as certain types of food materials can be affected by the presence of air. For this reason, it is important to check whether the box is airtight before purchasing. While buying food, be sure to read the food label to find out what the manufacturer does before packing the food.

Several companies are testing reusable packaging in an attempt to minimize the amount of waste they produce. McDonald's Corp. has committed to pilot projects with TerraCycle Inc.'s Loop, a program that collects and redistributes reusable packaging. Another example is Burger King, owned by Restaurant Brands International Inc., which plans to serve burgers in reusable sandwich boxes, and pour drinks from reusable cups.

In addition to being better for the environment, fast food companies can save money. By reducing the size of their boxes, they can cut transportation costs and materials used for packaging. By encouraging re-use, they can also increase their recycling revenue. The new suggestion provides a roadmap for the industry. In the long run, this will help them improve their environmental performance and corporate image. If you are looking for a fast food box, ask the manager about green packaging. If the restaurant is not yet ready, consider bringing your own container.





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