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Different Types of Wholesale Plastic Shopping Bag

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What exactly is a Shopping Bag? Simply put, it is a bag that can be used to carry various items from groceries, to office supplies, to beach bags, to sporting equipment. The wholesale plastic shopping bag market is actually one that is quite wide open to interpretation because of the multitude of various styles and varieties of bags in the said market. There are bag styles suitable for ladies, there are large as well as small-sized bag options, there are even eco friendly bags, and then there are all sorts of trendy bag varieties - all available at wholesale plastic shopping bag stores.

One of the most popular shopping bags today is the Big Retail Shopping Bag which is very often purchased by consumers when they plan to purchase a number of groceries or other items for their households. The large size of this shopping bag is one that makes it perfect to carry around in large numbers of grocery bags. The Big Retail Shopping Bag features the company's "Buy One, Get One Free" promotion strategy, which means that a consumer who purchases one of this kind of bag at one of their stores gets to receive two free gifts. This kind of strategy is one of the main reasons why consumers continue to purchase this large wholesale plastic bag to use as a carry around an item in their homes or offices.

Another type of big wholesale plastic shopping bag that many consumers use regularly is the reusable shopping bags. The reusable shopping bags feature an on-off system with separate compartments for ease of identification. These bags are very easy to use and are also biodegradable and can be easily composte.

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